Your morning routine sets the tone for the rest of the day. Have you noticed that when your morning starts in a frenzy or focused on yourself or your day that the rest of your day seems to reflect that mood of chaos and self-focused as well? It does for me. But, creating habits that will help set the tone and our focus in the right place will carry us through the entire day.

How to Set the Tone for Your Day

Beginning your day focused in the right direction will help you respond to the day’s challenges. Here’s how.

Surrender Your Day

Before your feet even hit the floor, surrender your day to the Lord. Before I get out of bed, I pray, briefly. I acknowledge Jesus in my life and surrender my day to Him.

Snooze Your Smartphone

Snooze your smartphone for the 1st hour of your day. For some of you, this isn’t a problem. But for others, it really is. I am notorious for grabbing my phone to check my emailed devotionals only to get sucked into other things like checking social media, answering a text, or checking my other emails. If this is you too, sorry, you’re going to need to find another way to do devotionals if that’s your morning thing. For those of you who can grab the digital devotional and nothing else, you are my hero!

Get a Fresh Start

Get a fresh start with a warm glass of lemon water instead of coffee. Think about what you’re grateful for in your life. Avoid thinking about all you have to do that day. Even as I type that I hear some of your thoughts. “But that’s impossible!” It’s not. Try doing a brain dump first. What’s that? Read here. The goal is to spend time meditating on being thankful for the ways the Lord has provided in your life, beginning your day focused on Him and His goodness.

Feed Your Spirit

Feed your spirit by spending 30-60 minutes with prayer, journal, worship, Bible study, or take communion. Whatever you do, be sure to connect with Holy Spirit.

Move Your Body

We are spirit, soul, and body. Don’t forget to take care of yourself physically. Move your body by going for a walk or a workout. It doesn’t have to be a long activity. All you need is 20-30 minutes if you’re moving the whole time.

Feed Your Body

Begin each day with healthy foods. The best breakfast is delicious fresh fruit like melons, citrus, or other organic fruit and superfoods. Melons and citrus are great cleansers. Melons contain a lot of water and a small amount of fiber which is great for healthy digestion. They are also very alkalizing. But other fruits are great too.

I start my day with all of these things and my morning superfood shake sourced from nutrient-dense whole food grown in regenerative pesticide-free soil. It’s so delicious and one of my favorite parts of my morning. I get all the micronutrients my body needs and so much more. Plus, I get that boost I need to start and finish well.

I mix Aloe Digest, Coco Hydrate, Bio fruit, Carrot Juice, Green Spectrum (Lemon) & Can’t Beet This. I still drink my power shake in the afternoon, but I love to start my day with this GRAIN-FREE option.

How do you start your day?

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