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Erica Ord Blog Author

Who am I? I guess since you’re here you want to get to know me. I hate talking about me, but here I go.

I think of myself as a typical, ordinary American female factotum who dons a plethora of hats. I juggle multiple jobs, hobbies, responsibilities, and passions simultaneously. Besides that, I’m a wife, mom, Christian, dreamer, cat lover (people who hate cats scare me), history freak, prophetically bent, and blah, blah, blah. Most days you will find me lost in a book (I’ll read most anythign), researching my latest obsession, writing, or teaching. I especially love exploring anything new, whether it be in a book or a real-life adventure. You could say that I blow where the wind (aka Holy Spirit) takes me. But I make sure to keep ONE TOE touching the ground at all times. The Lord is my anchor. Well…that and my husband who reminds me to come out of the clouds once in a while. 

My friends and family often refer to me as ‘colorful’ and my husband’s favorite quote to say about me is from the movie How to Lose Guy in Ten Days

“You have MORE than enough personality to keep me COMPLETELY occupied.”

Yup! That’s me!

Now! Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, “Why two g’s in Uncaggedbird?” I bet you were thinking ‘this chic can’t spell!’ Quite simply put,  because you expected ONE. Like the loosed ‘g’ from the confines of from its spelling rules, writing helps me spread my wings; free to soar, bend, and swoop across the digital skies.

I imagine all the topics mentioned will make their introduction in this blog at one time or another, along with much more not touched on.  Thank you for stopping in.  I hope to see you again and that you enjoy my posts.

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