2018 is an Exciting Year!

I know I just published a word, but I just HAD to get this one out before the New Year. Why? Well, because it is ABOUT the New Year and I thought you might like some insider info too. It’s going to be AMPLIFIED!

Amplified means to make larger, greater, stronger, enlarged, or extend. In the context of electricity, it means to “increase the amplitude.” Synonyms of amplified are: increase, intensify, heighten, broaden, and develop.

The Lord says “That which was blocking, hindering, or delaying the breakthrough has been removed. The River of Life is generating amplified power for 2018. My assignments are on their way. Keep watch for the upgraded “licenses” of Holy Spirit power to propel you forward and maneuver through obstacles. Collect the land deeds that I have prepared. Come and claim them”

Let’s Get Amplified!

I am SO READY for what God has in store for 2018. Our amazing Father in heaven has some spectacular things in store, individually and corporately. I can feel a massive shift coming. I have seen a mighty move of God. We are going to see sudden changes and amplified favor roll out. It’s like we are participants of Oprah’s Greatest Giveaway because of all He has ready to roll out on the stage for us as we put our faith and trust in Him and say “YES!”

I feel like this will happen as soon as the New Year begins. As I prepared to write what God placed in my heart, I came across a word from Doug Addison’s Facebook live post recently. It was titled “When the clock hits midnight 2018.” As soon as I read those words, the Lord confirmed in my heart what I discerned from the Holy Spirit. The shift will happen as soon as 2018 arrives. Doug Addison’s prophetic word encouraged me so much.

We will begin to see major shifts in areas that seemed immovable before. Plans and strategies will form quickly. Healing and restoration will not be delayed. I could honestly write a whole paragraph about the things we will see movement in.

The Covenant God

Our God is a covenant God, and He honors people and nations who keep their covenants. President Trump’s actions honoring the Jerusalem Act of 1995, and the stand taken at the UN about the nation’s stance opened up an immediate favor over our nation. The veil was torn and opened the heavens to release angelic hosts for our breakthroughs.

Not only will we see amplified blessing and favor in the US, but the countries who stood in unity with us will as well. God honors His vows. He expects us to as well. “When you vow a vow to God, do not delay paying it, for he has no pleasure in fools. Pay what you vow.” Ecclesiastes 5:4

The Holy Spirit Powered Water Mill

The purpose of a water mill is to generate power. In a vision, I saw a water mill in a river (the Holy Spirit). I saw the river began to flow again. As the water flowed faster, the water mill churned and churned. The Lord dropped in my spirit a word about this vision. As the river (Holy Spirit) flows, the Holy Spirit powered water mill will generate more power for breakthroughs and assignments.

Honoring the commitment opened up a place for God to pour greater blessings onto this nation. We will receive an upgrade of amplified proportions in all areas. It will pour out on a national level as well as families and individual circumstances. I feel this will touch all areas of our lives (financial changes, family restoration, sudden moves of God, healing, and more).

The Greatest Giveaway

I keep hearing that it will be like Oprah’s Greatest giveaway show. “You get an upgrade, you get an upgrade, EVERYBODY GETS AN UPGRADE!” It is a phrase I have heard in my spirit for months. Admittedly, I laugh every time. But, it will be even better because it’s God’s Greatest Giveaways! They don’t perish, go out of style, or become obsolete. So, what you have been expecting to come, get ready to claim it.

And We Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet!

Keep 2020 in your sights. I believe we are in for much more when the US Embassy officially opens in Jerusalem.

Reports suggest it will take approximately two years to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. The Father has impressed this time frame upon my heart. At the time of the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem, we will see another surge of favor and grace rain down.

He says those who bless Israel He will bless. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse, and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” Genesis 12:3

God Wants a Willing Vessel

Our Father is so ready to let the rivers of favor flow on all of us. He is excited to bless us beyond all that we can imagine. The Lord is anxious to accomplish our break through and claim our inheritance. However, He is a gracious gentleman. Daddy God wants us to partner with Him in agreement for these things. He wants us to be a willing vessel that He can pour the new wine into.

Don’t miss out on all our Father is bringing in 2018 because you are too afraid to let go and trust COMPLETELY in Him. Doubt and unbelief delay His ability to work in our lives. He is willing and able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we ask or imagine. (Ephesians 3:20). But, we have to be open to receive it.

Read here to read my word about how God must SIFT us to SHIFT us into position. Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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