Are you bound up in judgment? If you catch yourself thinking or using“never” or “always” statements when expressing yourself, it’s a good indicator that you have formed judgments in your heart.

What being Bound Up in Judgment Looks Like

Do you say or think things like:

  • “I always get hurt.”
  • “I never get picked.”
  • “People always betray me.”
  • “They never help me.”
  • “People always ignore me.”

If you can answer “yes,” then you have some work to do. “Never” and “always” statements and mindsets are two extremes. They are very “me” focused. It means that your heart isn’t seeing both sides of reality and is bound up in judgment.

Judgment is Different than Unforgiveness

Judgment and unforgiveness are different.

Unforgiveness is a private cell of torture, reserved just for one. The person you resent is not in that cell with you. He is free. Forgiveness is an act of our will, and when we do that, it closes an open door for demonic torment.

Judgment, however, is a cell reserved for two. Judgment by the power of your words condemns and imprisons you both. Luke 6:37 and Roman 2:1 say that we are opening the door for torment in our own lives when we judge someone.

You can forgive someone and still hold a judgment against them in your heart.

Heart check!

Pay attention to your thoughts and speech for “always” and “never’ statements and beliefs. If you find any, take it to the Lord and follow these steps.

  1. Identify who or what you’re holding judgment toward in your heart.
  2. What lies do you believe about yourself, them, God, and others because of the judgment?

Now that you have identified who and what you have believed, let’s lay it at the feet of Jesus and take back the ground given to the enemy.

Don’t Stay Bound Up In Judgment

Don’t stay bound up in judgment. Loose yourself and others with these steps. Remember, say them out loud.

  1. Repent for holding judgments against specific people.
  2. Ask the Lord to release you and the person(s) from the judgment you’ve held. Be specific about the judgment you’ve had.
  3. Release yourself and each person from specific judgments you’ve made about them.
  4. Ask the Lord to cancel the assignments and curses that gained access to you and them because of the judgments you’ve made against them.
  5. Then fill with the things of God. Speak blessings over the person and release the opposite of the judgment against them.

A Prayer

Lord Jesus, I repent for holding bitter root judgments against (name) for (event). I have believed (insert what you thought about that person) and held it against them. I release (name) to you, Jesus, and ask you to set me and (name) free from these judgments. I ask you to cancel all of the curses, assignments, and ground that gave to the enemy because of the judgments I’ve made against (name). Lord, renew my mind toward them. Please help me to see them through your eyes. I bless them and ask you to release blessings where I have held judgments. In Jesus’ precious name. Amen.

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