As followers of Jesus, we should do more than survive this life. We are called to be conquerors and overcomers. Why aren’t we overcoming then? Why do we struggle each and every day with the same sins or struggles? If we are made “new,” then why is it we can’t break free of the same patterns in life that we walked BEFORE we knew Christ?

One Answer

We aren’t walking in the freedom He already won for us on the cross. Our SPIRIT is made clean, white as snow. Our sins are FORGIVEN, but our SOUL still carries the wounds of generational sin, the sins we commit, and the ones committed against us. The hurts and traumas of life keep a part of us trapped in that place until we go in and rescue them. These are the “backdoors” the enemy uses to keep us in bondage.

Break Free!

You CAN break free from the bondage and the negative patterns. It’s possible to experience the freedom that Jesus bought for you on the cross in this life.

Ask the Lord to create a clean heart in you and reveal the areas that you still hold unforgiveness, bitterness, or wrong beliefs. Some of this you can do with just you and Holy Spirit. He is so faithful to show you.

If you have hit a wall, and can’t seem to find freedom in an area, there is hope in Freedom Ministry.

Freedom Ministry

What do you have to lose other than precious time in bondage and not experiencing the life that God intended? It’s time for you to break free!

Interested in freedom ministry? Message me. I can help you get connected with trained freedom ministers who offer in-person or remote session via Skype, FaceTime, or other avenues.

With me, freedom ministry is a two-step process. First is to complete the 10-Steps to Freedom and then Whole Soul. After that, walking in freedom is an ongoing lifestyle.

Watch this video from Hope Preserved to better understand Whole Soul Ministry.

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