Standing at a Crossroad

A Crossroad is a crucial point requiring a decision.  We are standing at one now. Choosing a direction this election season weighs heavily on many American families.  It certainly has been a constant source of debate in our home. The fact that my husband and I are dissatisfied with the options before us is a bit of an understatement.  This season has sent us all into a tailspin around this house.  How do we vote for two of the most unqualified people to run for President of the United States?

Welcome to the Twilight Zone

Ever feel like you are inside an episode of The Twilight Zone?  Me too. I remember a few times Donald Trump mentioned the possibility of running for office. I hysterically laughed at the notion of this preposterous idea.  He never seemed like the type of person I envisioned running this country.  He is a narcissist, bombastic, rude, and do not even get me started about his grammar and vocabulary. Straight out of my worst nightmare!  I suppose he must have some smarts in order to build a successful empire.  He did not become as rich as he is without some intelligence.  When The Apprentice first aired, I watched a few episodes, election 2016, Presdential, Donal Trump, Hillary Clintonand I could not stand the man. He is pompous and just plain annoying to watch. It dumbfounded me when he won the Republican nomination. I mean, I understand how fed up the conservative side is with the current administration and lifetime politicians, but I never fathomed it would be him at the finish line.  At most he would shake things up, make the debates entertaining, and in the end, one of the other guys, or girl, would hold the baton. Clearly, I miscalculated the will of the people.

Arkansas Roots

Living in Arkansas, I have had my taste of the Clintons. The naïve, dyed in the wool liberal of my youth voted for Bill Clinton in my first opportunity to exercise my constitutional right. Brand spanking new baby voter. He was from Arkansas! Of course, we vote for our own, and while I am spilling the beans, I voted for Hillary in the primaries in 2008.  Wow! Was I not seeing the pudding in the pie when it came to this woman. She lies, cheats, swindles, and hustles her way through life. All the reports over the course of the Obama administration prompted me to dig further into her skullduggery and past dealings while they ran my state and after she stormed into Washington. It is then that I discovered how crooked she is and how far she will go to “get the job done.”  She cannot be trusted! She also irks me to watch speak, and her voice grates on my nerves like nails to a chalkboard because I know what living in the US will look like under her rule.  I cannot fathom having to listen to her press conferences for the next four years, and God help me, the next eight.  Side note: We began binge watching House of Cards last year, and I swear they modeled Francis and Claire from the Clinton duo. Hopefully, I will not end up dead or have the FBI knocking at my door for my disparaging remarks.

The Question

Whom do we vote for? That is the fundamental question we face at the crossroad on November 8th. The Great Vizzini is more likely to survive his choice between the poisoned wine goblets than we will in selecting the next President of the United States. I thought it was bad deciding between Obama and McCain in 2008, but it pales in comparison to what we face today.  Being divided as a country is not a new thing when it comes to Presidential elections, but I have never seen the volume of disdain from the general public for both primary party candidates as I have in this 2016 election process.  The common phrase I hear most is that voters are not voting FOR a candidate, but AGAINST the other.

Crossroad Directionsdirection, crossroad

Standing at the crossroad, we technically have four options: vote for Hillary, Trump, one of the other guys, or not cast a ballot at all.  In actuality, we only have two courses of action: Hillary or Trump. I know what you will say next, “But we have Jill Stein and what’s his face on the ballot, so we DO have an alternative.”  Do we! Do we really?  I propose no. Voters could choose to make a political statement by selecting Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party) or Jill Stein (Green Party) on their ballots, or stay home on election day and not cast a vote for anyone. In essence, by choosing a third party candidate or staying home for the sake of making a political statement is, in fact, picking Thing 1 or Thing 2 because the only candidates who have a snowball’s chance in you know what of winning the election is Clinton or Trump. The principle of taking a stand is at the heart of American values, and there are times for making such statements, but there are also circumstances in which it is too crucial to risk it just for the sake of rebellion.  A crossroad is never the right time.  Too much is at stake to be frivolous.

Republican or Democrat?

I think of myself as a Conservative Independent and have always voted across party lines, but since I have to register as one or the other, currently I am classified as Republican.  When I prefer the Democratic candidate, I register as such when required. Otherwise, I have a mixed ticket.  I vote for the person rather than the party. No good ever came of blindly following a group of individuals. Critical thinking and sound principles guide my chain of thought in life.  My full voting record goes as such: Bill Clinton (1996), Bush (2000), no vote (2004), Obama (2008), Romney (2012), and the current election yet to be determined.   I am still struggling to choose my path.  Normally, most Americans do not have to stand at this crossroad near as long as we have in this election.  I know I have stood blankly staring at the road signs; painfully trying to decide what I will do with my vote.

zoom, future, politics, Supreme Court

Zoom Out

We are voting for the next 30+ years. This is the crossroad.  As citizens of this society, we MUST zoom out past the next four years and view the bigger picture, the long-term goal.  This election is not merely about who will run our country this term; it moves way beyond the here and now. The balance of the Supreme Court hangs on the scales with one seat currently vacant, and more expected.  That is the picture we must hold in sight.  Our country is at a precipice in History, and cannot afford people squandering their vote regardless of which side of the fence you ride on. WE MUST CHOSE!  It is just simply not an option.
As sick as it makes me to click either name on the ballot come November 8th, I have decided to do just that. Most of us have been told our whole lives to vote for “the lesser of two evils” when it comes to politicians because of the elegant sophists they are, spewing forth specious lies to ensure their election or re-election. The majority will say and do whatever it takes to make you believe they are working for you, the public; smooth operators for sure.  So with lead feet, I will drag myself in on November 8 to place my vote for one of the two candidates of the primary parties based solely on the bigger picture in mind.

View with the Wide Lens

 I agree with Hillary on one thing; this election will determine the direction of our country for many years to come. We have to decide what kind of country we want to be. Our moment; our crossroad, and it affects the next 30+ years.  We may hate our choice for President at this moment, but it is our duty and responsibility to choose.  Change your perspective, use the wide lens to see beyond what is the short-term.  Opt to vote FOR the Supreme Court you wish to have beyond the immediate future.  Our Founding Fathers fought for this freedom. We do not have the right to squander, 2016, Presidential Election