“Who am I?”

I admit that every day God reveals things to me I think “who am I? Who am I to receive the gifts and blessings He showers me with? What is so special about me?” He always answers.

“You are the Daughter of the King.”

And so it is for you. If you are a Christ follower, you are a son or daughter of the King (2 Corinthians 6:18). He wants to love on you and does. Keep your eyes open. When something (anything) good happens to you or for you that is your Daddy God loving on you.

Pay Attention to the Small Things

Even little things are gifts from God. Look for the presents God brings. Some will be big and some small. He is in everything when you care to notice.

For example. Our backyard has no trees. But, our neighbor behind us has a maple tree in their yard. Every fall it turns the most beautiful color. It is the highlight of the season because we can sit in our living room and watch it become its brilliant self.

About a month ago (maybe less) the leaves prematurely fell off leaving it bare. We were so disappointed that we would miss the color change because it is something that brings us great joy. My husband and I discussed this disappointment together on several occasions.

Fast forward a week or so and some green leaves began to sprout, even though it’s time for them to start moving into their next stage. Today, a few weeks later, the whole tree is filled with green leaves again.

His Gifts are in the Small Things Too

Daddy God gave us a small gift. He heard our sadness even in a little thing. He caused the leaves to grow back just in time for the seasonal color change so that we could have the joy of watching it transform. It was His gift to us.

Some may say it’s just coincidence and not a “gift from God.” They may say that the rains and warmth of the sun caused the leaves to return. Sure, that is true. But who made the sun and rain? Who set in motion all the events that would cause the new growth?

Daddy God’s Gifts are All Around You

He wants to shower you with love and gifts. If you think like I sometimes do, “who am I,” because of feeling unworthy or trapped in sin, nothing can keep Him from pursuing you and finding ways to show you He is there.

Because He Loves You

It is because HE LOVES YOU that He leaves gifts. They are not always obvious. He likes to play hide and seek sometimes. But, if you open your eyes, and look around, you will see the treasure hunt of gifts in your path. He even speaks to you for correction through nature. Read here how God used armyworms to show me problem areas.

Jesus is the Sun, and the Rain the Holy Spirit

The warmth of the Son creates new life. And the flowing river of the Holy Spirit waters growth in us. Because of both, we are reborn and grow. Even when everything appears to be dead and bare, God restores. You become more and more of the person He created you to be in each season of transformation. Daddy God is your Love, your comfort, Your Soother, Your Light.

maple tree, gifts from God, treasure hunt