God is calling us out onto uncharted waters.

Many prophets have talked about 2018 being a year of new beginnings. Not only have we entered the Gregorian calendar 2018, but we are also in the Hebrew year 5778. The number 8 symbolizes new beginnings. We are in for many new things in 2018. For some of you that may be a new career, family, or ministry direction. Whatever it is, some of you may be setting sail in uncharted waters.

The breakthroughs require a surrendered “yes” to the Lord.

It’s amazing to me how the Lord works with a surrendered “yes.” For example, about a year ago, I had a moment talking to someone where I MEANT to say one word about how God uses me, but instead, I used the wrong term. It was a preposterous thing for me to say. I stewed on it for weeks, maybe even months. How I would get those words mixed up. It didn’t make sense and it bothered me that I would be so presumptuous. Then, all of a sudden I forgot all about it.

A few months ago, I started hearing a recurring word from the Lord (that SAME word I accidentally said). It tugged at my spirit because it seemed more likely that an earthworm would grow wings and fly than for this to be a real word from God.

I resisted.

I tried to push it out of my head until one day, I just threw my hands in the air and said, “yes Lord. IF this is really from you and not some prideful part of my heart, then I say yes to you. Whatever you want me to do, I will do it.” Then I gave him three things to fulfill to prove it because I seriously thought it was just a prideful desire of my heart and I needed solid proof. Within days of my “yes,” He gave me the three things I needed to believe. He has accelerated the “yes” further than ever imagined possible.

It happens in the yes!

We just will need to say “yes, I’m all in Lord. Wherever you take me I will go. I will follow your call and not seek the path.” Trust. Complete trust in Him will open new doors you never dreamed would open with little to no effort. We have to work WITH Him and surrender our will. 

He is calling you out on uncharted waters. When He thinks of whom to take with Him, He thought of you.

God says “It’s transition time, but it’s also a time to have fun and relax. Follow My call, but do not seek the path ahead of Me. I want your ‘yes’ and surrender in what I am doing.”

Many of you have been feeling this transition already. Some of you have struggled with it, especially if you don’t understand where it is leading. Many of you are scared of the unknown in the transition. Not seeing the extended path ahead, or the map of how you will get there or where the final destination lies is difficult for many of you.

God says “follow the call, do not seek the path.”

“Stop focusing on the details. Let go. My ways are higher than your ways and My thoughts higher than your thoughts. (Isaiah 55:8-9). I know the plans I have for you. Trust Me. They are not to harm you, but to prosper you. (Jeremiah 29:11)

“Say yes, and I will show you the steps as you need them. Right now, I only want your ‘yes,’ your agreement to follow me. I want you to rest and rejoice in the process in the meantime.”

“Stop worrying. Stop trying to prepare for the new thing. Rely on my provision for the day. I will bring all that you need every day. I am calling you out in trust. I chose you for this time. Come away into uncharted waters with Me.”

Some of you are full of worry because you don’t know the details.

The Lord says “Don’t worry about the details. I want you to come with Me. Trust Me. Don’t be afraid of where I am taking you and why. Lay down the fear that you aren’t enough or don’t have ‘all the right things.’ You worry for naught. I have already taken care of everything in advance. All you need to do is say ‘yes’ and, together, we will traverse the water to the other side. I will carry you into uncharted waters with power and glory. Watch as we shove off into the promises and a new beginning.”

He is Calling You.

Our amazing Father in Heaven is calling you up to a higher place in the Holy Spirit. In this place, you will receive the strategies needed to maneuver in higher realms. The Lord says, “The upgraded power of the Holy Spirit will help you move to the place I have called you with ease, agility, and speed. I will accelerate the transition time.”

Allow His presence to chart your course and ferry you to the new place. Don’t be afraid of the uncharted waters. God is working things for good to those who love Him and have been called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28). He wants to bring you into a higher place in the Spirit.

How long you stay in transition depends on you. The Father wants you to follow and obey the call, but not seek the path. He wants your complete trust. Your surrender determines whether you go back to shore, or travel in uncharted waters with the Lord at the helm. He longs to do all that you ask as you trust in Him. (Ruth 3:11)

Will you follow the call?

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