I have caught notice of many moments of sifting and quick shifting in my life. I feel like God is working in us to shake off what will not serve His purposes in the next season. He placed in my spirit that we are like the baker’s flour that must be sifted. God said, “He must sift us before he shifts us into the new place He has prepared.”

Why does a baker sift flour?

  • It breaks up lumps and aerates the flour which makes it lighter than unsifted flour.
  • Unsifted flour causes the baker to use too much flour in a recipe, which makes for a dry and dense cake or dough.
  • Sifted flour blends more evenly with other ingredients
  • To purify it from the chaff (husk of corn or seeds), and sometimes small bugs

Some master bakers sift only once, while others will do it multiple times. God is the latter. Expect many siftings and shiftings in this season for strategic positioning.

God must sift before he shifts.

We may be used to a little sifting from God, but this will be on a greater level. He will sift us many times. It may be once, twice, three times, or more. For some, the sifting has already begun and have already experienced in the latter part of 2017. However, God says “more is coming to position you for the place I am taking you. You cannot carry the old into the new.” As we are sifted, expect a sudden shift.

The sifting and shifting are for our benefit. Some have carried burdens, wounds, or assignments that need to shift for the next season. For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)

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Don’t be afraid of this change.

For many, change is difficult. We get used to doing the same thing in the same way, but God is shaking that up. He is shaking it up to make room and clean out. However, change is necessary to enter into the next level. Resisting the sifting and shifting will hinder the Father’s ability to move you into the place He is releasing.

He is sifting our spirits to cleanse that which is not of Him or does not serve His purposes for us and within us. As the Lord separates the chaff and aerates the spirit, he will quickly shift to the next step of the transition until we reach the position He has for us in this season.

What is God sifting?

The Lord is sifting many areas from our spirit, families, jobs, and more to bring you into alignment. He is sifting out all that is hindering us from moving in His purposes and plans. God is removing impurities from our hearts and families and repositioning us. Old habits and mindsets will need to lay on the threshing floor to align with what God is doing. It’s time to let go of old things and grab hold of the new beginning.

Our Heavenly Father is fluffing us.

He is sifting to create space for Him to mix evenly with all that we do and all that we are. We have been like the unsifted flour and have become weighted because we have not had the room for Jesus because we have taken our eyes off of Him. We have gazed too long at the world or been bombarded by attacks. Do not live according to the flesh and the world, but set your mind on the things of the Spirit. (Romans8:5)

Some of you have gone into hiding because you have not seen the breakthrough prophesied for 2017. You have looked and prayed and seen nothing. For some, it is because you didn’t have the room for it. You didn’t have space for the Holy Spirit to work in the areas you needed for the breakthrough. We need to be fluffed so that He blends in naturally and evenly with every aspect of our lives and are filled with more of Him than us. (John 3:30)

A fluffed spirit can weather the storms and warfare when it comes because it is lighter. As God sifts our life and spirit, WE will become lighter because His yoke is light and easy. (Matthew 11:30)The result will be sweetness. It will be like honey to your lips.

Surrender to His Work.

For those who struggle with change, God says “surrender it all to me.” He needs us to let go of the control so he can sift and shift us into place. As we let go, the transition will smooth out. When we strongarm God, it is like slamming the brakes of a car. The brakes lock up causing them to shudder and jolt as it tries to halt. Resisting the shift makes for a much bumpier ride than it has to be. Ease off of the break and allow Him to govern the pedals. It might not always be comfortable, change rarely is, but it won’t be as painful either. Surrender to the sifting so you can receive your shifting.

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