Do you feel like you continually struggle with certain emotions? Do hurt, anger, and anxiety rise in you, causing you to react rather than to respond, or even to overreact, taking on a life of their own? Have you tried personal prayer, standing in faith, counseling, and various ministries, yet nothing you do seems to work? If yes, you may be dealing with a fragmented soul.

When we experience hurts, neglect, or trauma, part of our coping strategy is to wall off a piece of ourselves to contain the emotion allowing us to go on with life. A fragment is that part of you that’s been locked away, inaccessible for healing, at least not with the usual methods.

Fragments cause you to react rather than to respond. When a fragment is in operation, you often can’t control what you say or do. I like to describe it as the fragment “slipping into the driver’s seat.”

Signs & Symptoms of Fragments

If you struggle with the following, you might be dealing with a fragmented soul.

  • Irrational or unexplained fears
  • Stubborn or perpetual emotions
  • Overreactions to seemingly small problems
  • Any type of childhood trauma
  • Losing blocks of time
  • Inability to remember certain events or periods of life
  • A tendency to “check out” in certain situations

These are just some of the examples that you may have fragments. Learn more in my video, where I discuss fragments more in detail and share my testimony. Watch Now!

Healing Our Fragmented Soul

Healing is available for the fragments we develop through hurt, neglect, and trauma. Check out my video to learn more about how you can start the process, or reach out to an inner healing minister who does fragment work.

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