What you sit under or participate in IMPARTS to you. Impartation happens…

  • If you sit under legalistic teaching, pieces of it impart to you.
  • If you sit under new age teaching, pieces of it impart to you.
  • If you sit under a manipulative leader, pieces of it impart to you.
  • If you participate in yoga, pieces of it impart to you.
  • If you participate in meditative practices outside of God, pieces of it impart to you.

I could go on, but you get the point.

Meaning of Impartation

Impartation means “the state or process of being told, given, or granted something; to give, bestow, or convey a thing.

Impartation, then, is the act of giving something or granting something. Impartation can be material and immaterial things. When you

  • Read a book; you receive an impartation.
  • Receive from a teacher; you receive an impartation.
  • Sit in a class; you receive an impartation.
  • Go to a church, conference, or meeting; you receive an impartation.

In all these things, information is conveyed, and you receive it, therefore IMPARTED.

The Spirit of a Thing Matters

There is a SPIRIT behind all things. It’s either Holy Spirit, human spirit, or demonic spirit.

So when we sit under or participate in things, we open doors to ourselves (mind, will, emotions) for the impartation from whatever spirit is operating or the ruling spirit. So THE SPIRIT BEHIND A THING MATTERS.

1 John 4:1 says NOT to believe every spirit but to test it and see if it comes from God because many false prophets have gone out into the world. It goes on to say that you will know what spirit is operating. His word says that His sheep know the voice of the Lord.

Does what’s imparted (conveyed) to you align with the character and word of God? Is that profitable (1 Corinthians 10:23-25) to you if not? Does it open doors to the enemy?

Satan is a legalist. He doesn’t care about your heart posture or if God knows your heart. All he cares about is what crack he will use to slip in and gain access to your life.

Compromise is a Crack!

Satan banks on us compromising our core values, beliefs, and faith to appease others. He wants us to be like Peter, who denies Christ three times when confronted with who he aligns and belongs with! Compromise is a crack for the enemy to slither through.

Do you know what other words are synonymous with “appease?”

  • Take the Edge Off
  • Dull
  • Deaden
  • Blunt
  • Quench

So when we compromise, we quench the Spirit of God in us!

***Synonyms for compromise include agreement, understanding, accommodation, deal, trade-off, bargain, middle ground, accord, and pact.

Satan Uses False Witness to Enforce Impartation

If someone tells you it’s ok to sit under something that aligns with another spirit, you have to ask the question.

  • What spirit is speaking through them?
  • How is it trying to get you to compromise?
  • What door of your soul does it (the spirit) know will be accessible to them?

The enemy is sneaky, deceptive, and conniving. Make no mistake. Satan will use your compromise to slip through the crack to gain access to harass and torment you with your decision to settle.

What You Sit Under or Participate in Imparts to You

It doesn’t matter if your heart’s intent is pure regarding what you sit under or participate in. Our PARTICIPATION IS AGREEMENT WITH WHATEVER THE RULING SPIRIT there is. We might as well be opening the door to a criminal who is there to plant evidence on us.

What you sit under or participate in matters!

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