Greetings and Salutations from Uncagged Bird

Why two g’s in Uncagged Bird?  Excellent question…because one was expected!   Like the loosed ‘g’ from the confines of from its spelling rules, writing helps me grow wings; free to soar, bend, and swoop across the digital skies. Well, there’s that, and every bit of info I read on “How to create a successful blog” centered around a niche, and DARN IT, I don’t fit in a neat little box!  I want to glide untethered on the wind currents of creativity and wonder.

When not in the clouds of creativity, I am your typical, ordinary American woman who dons a plethora of hats.  I am a wife, cleaner extraordinaire, homeschool mom, crochet addict, dreamer, ex-chauffeur, Christian, and a whole list that we don’t have time for.  All of which, I expect will make its introduction in this blog at one time or another.

I have a confession to make, I am not a professional writer. GASP!  Before you click that perfect little ‘x’ in the top-right corner, allow me just a few more seconds to explain.  Then decide whether I am worth those precious moments we moms covet to peruse the internet looking for something to enlighten, encourage, and to be completely honest, disappear into the world where no one wants something from us but can offer us oodles of entertainment.

I don’t consider myself to be all that extraordinary, or that anyone will be beating down my doors, sitting on the edge of their seat with intense anticipation, “What will she write next!”  Simply put, I began this blog because I love to pen nearly everything and share it with others.  I hope that my experiences and messages will reach those who need to hear it, that it will inspire, encourage, challenge, or enlighten you with all of my writing, poetry, encouragement, and everything else that flies across my horizon.

Who knows!  You are reading this so perhaps someone will read it and be inspired!