My irises EXPLODED this year! It’s just the beginning because each one has many more unopened buds just waiting to unfold. This year is the largest I’ve ever seen them grow. They are taller, fuller, and have multiplied; not a single one is leaning over from the weight.


It’s because of maturity, fertile soil, and the cluster. Not only have the irises matured, but the rains have enriched the ground, and they’ve grown together.

Irises: The Picture of What God is Doing

I see this as a picture of what God wants to do and is doing with His people as they mature in Him. As the Lord pours His spirit out over us, it saturates our hearts (the soil) causing us to grow taller, expand into the fullness of who He created and called us to be, and multiplies us and everything we put our hands to for His glory.

Jesus is expanding our tents and our spheres of influence. It will be a beautiful stretching. And, because His hand is on it, and we cluster together, we won’t bend under the weight of the pressing upward and outward. Iron sharpens iron, and that happens in the unified cluster.

Unity & Strength in the Cluster

Where there’s unity, it commands a blessing. (Psalm 133) I heard this last night at a ministry class I attend. Blessed are the people of God when they unify.

Even in these irises, God is painting a picture of what that looks like to blossom in the cluster. If you look closely, you can see that each bunch of flowers lumps together. Many leaves surround each stem that holds the bloom, and each flower is about the same height. Not one of them competes against the other or compares its blossom to the next. Together, they support each other (stem and leaf), are of one accord, and propel upward with confidence that, together, they will shine.

The irises have grown sturdy in the cluster which provides the much-needed support to withstand the burden of those brilliant blooms and buds just waiting to pop open.  All alone, they stems would struggle and bend under the weight. And, what was meant to be a beautiful blossom, now is bent low from carrying the pressure alone.

It’s the same with us. Take a look at the iris below. It’s blossoming and beautiful, but notice how it droops and lacks the height the others do. It’s alone.

Like the iris below that lacks a cluster, on our own, we droop and sag under the weight of the world and the schemes of the enemy when we strike out alone. We need one another to help gird each other up.

The Enemy Divides and Separates

The enemy knows this too, so he devises schemes to keep us separated. He divides brother against brother, sister against sister, and denomination against denomination. He knows what will happen if we ever come together in one accord with each other. He’s afraid of the cluster.

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