Jesus was radical. He was counterculture. Be like Jesus. When the Spirit of God came in Acts 2, He came radically and counterculture. He came like a violent wind and tongues of fire. Signs and wonders bubbled forth. The Church (Ekklesia) grew RAPIDLY.


I believe because the Spirit of God was radically counterculture and so was the early Church.

Jesus Didn’t Dabble!

Jesus didn’t dabble in His faith, nor did He dabble in the things of the world. He may have supped and walked with the sinner of the time, but He didn’t join in the culture.

The early Church didn’t dabble with their faith. They didn’t dabble in the cultural norms of the day. They clung closely to Jesus’ teachings. They were one in mind and singularly focused on building the Kingdom (Jesus’ last instruction before He ascended.)

Dabble = you take part in it but not very seriously, it means to play with or trifle with.

  • How often do we “take part but not very seriously” our faith?
  • How many cultural or worldly things are we” playing or trifling with?”

It may seem like a small thing to participate in the things of this world. But God didn’t call you to fit in. He called you to STAND OUT and be COUNTERCULTURE and radical in the eyes of the unbeliever!

To Be a Witness is Radical

Witness comes from the word Martus in Greek. It is where we get the word martyr. It means to give up your life for a belief.

Are we giving up our lives (literal and figuratively) for Jesus?

Or, we hold to the things of this world and our flesh? Are we going about life, as usual, sprinkling in a little of the faith here and there (aka dabbling)? Are we radically different than the culture of today? If not, then we are dabbling. Dabbling in our faith and dabbling in the culture that we were meant to be SET APART FROM.

Make Disciples of All Nations

Jesus didn’t say go and make converts to The Way, He said go and make disciples of all NATIONS! He is individually focused by being KINGDOM focused.

A disciple is one who follows “a teaching” and is a STUDENT. They are not dabblers.

Be Like Jesus

The Church of today is ineffective because we dabble too much!! We dabble WITH our faith and dabble IN what culture deems the norm. Jesus was radical. Jesus was counterculture. Be like Jesus!

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