Have you ever had a dream you KNOW is important to remember only to lose it right as you wake? It happens to me from time-to-time, especially when the alarm jolts me awake rather than my body waking up slowly and naturally. A lost dream can be frustrating if this is a significant way the Lord speaks to you. 

If it happens, you can get them back – most of the time. 

The Snatched Dream

This morning, I had this very thing occur. My alarm went off and jolted me awake and snatched the dream away. I couldn’t even retrieve a crumb. Ugh! Can you relate? 

So, What Are We to Do?

I have a few methods to reclaim the stolen dream. But, this is the one I use most often. 

  • First, I pull out my 365 Day Bible. (It’s how I’m reading the Bible this year). It could just as easily been random scripture from any of my other Bibles. 
  • Second, ask Holy Spirit to bring some fresh revelation for the day through His Word. 
  • Third, speak out loud and ask Holy Spirit to bring the dream back to remembrance. I’m expectant that He will, but also fine if He chooses not to. 

I Get a Lost Dream Back

So, did I get the dream back? Why, yes, yes I did. About halfway into reading today’s the day set before me in my 365 Bible, I get a spark, a flash of one thing! 

Then, poof! It’s gone again. I stopped reading and asked Holy Spirit to show it to me again. Then, I continued where I left off. I get a couple of sentences in, and I see that flash of the one thing from the dream. 

That little tidbit is one piece of the puzzle, and I need to write this down. When I set my pen to the paper, or in this case to notes on my phone, it all comes flooding back. 

More often than not, this works. The scripture I read had nothing to do with the dream itself. But, I’ve found that reading The Word for revelation opens the door to the spirit realm and unlocks that which is hidden. Thank you, Holy Spirit. 

Consequently, my dream was about the hidden, secret doors in the spirit.

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