Recently, in my FB live video, I talked about worship being our war-ship. I shared some personal testimony about how God surrounded me with His glory during a challenging season. Here are some practical steps you can use to make war with worship.

Worship Isn’t Just About Music

When we think of worship, most of us automatically think of music. And, while music is one way we can worship, it’s not the only avenue.

If you’re struggling to find the words because of your pain start reading from the Psalms out loud. Begin at Psalm 1. Each day read at least one, or more if you’re feeling into it. Turn on some worship music too if you want. Can’t hurt.

Focus on what God has done, or brought you through in past seasons. Start thanking And praising Him for those times.

Tell Him who He is to you. What are His characteristics?  For example: “God, you are love, peace, strength. You are my helper, my loving father, my refuge.”

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