Guten Tag My Friend!

Guten Tag is “good day” in German and a common greeting. Maybe now you are wondering why I used that instead of the great ol’ American hello. Well, in November, I will be off again on a mission trip. This time I will be traveling to Stuttgart, Germany with New Life Church to minister to victims and survivors of human trafficking, and to spread awareness of sex slavery. It’s been 5 years since God called me to the mission field. First, Rwanda in 2010 and 2012. Then, Haiti in 2013 with Hunter. And now, Germany. 

A Little Background

In 2002, Germany legalized prostitution. Since then, variously sized brothels, as well as“mega brothels” have popped up all over Germany. The number of brothels is so numerous, Europeans call Germany the “bordello of Europe. Here is an idea of how easy it is to find a brothel in Germany. All of those little teardrops mark areas where brothels stand. Many of the citizens believe that the women who work in the brothels are there of their own free will. The truth is that an astounding number of women are trafficked from all over the world where poverty, corruption, and lack of opportunities drive them into the business. Check out this map of the areas of legalized prostitution in Germany.

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I like to call my mission to Germany as “boots on the ground.” Essentially, that is what we are there to do. Our little team is going into a spiritual battle to pull down the wall of blindness through prayer walks, show God’s love for the women, and raise awareness among the public. I believe we will make a dent.

Team NLC Meets Kainos

We will work closely with Kainos. Kainos is a nonprofit ministry working against human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Stuttgart, Germany and around the world. Their three main goals are prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation. Learn more about them at

Mission Blueprint

While there in November, we will spend two days in brothels with the women in prostitution and one-day raising awareness at the widely celebrated Christmas market. According to reports, around 3.6 million people visit the Christmas Market in Stuttgart. It will be a divinely appointed opportunity to raise awareness with the citizens of Germany, as well as the many travelers that come from all over the world about human trafficking. Our team will also prayer walk the streets near the brothels in Stuttgart and work with the International Baptist Church in the area on various other projects dealing with trafficking.

How Can You Help?

Great question! I need prayer partners and financial partners. Your prayers from now until we leave will help me prepare for the work and the warfare that will likely come. Your prayers while I am there will sustain me, and the team, to do the work God has called me to do. However, I also can’t get there without financial partners. Your donation will help me put my “boots on the ground.”

Will you consider being on my prayer team, financial team, or both? Right now I am 41% funded. Below are the payment due dates I still have yet to meet. ANY amount helps and is TREMENDOUSLY appreciate. 

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Thank you for your constant encouragement and support. I love having you in my life! Also, I would love to keep you updated. Please comment on this blog post with an email address, or follow my Facebook page. I will post any prayer needs there before and during the mission trip, as well as what we are doing while in Germany. 


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