We Don’t All Fit

“Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?”― Ian Wallace. I want to ask traditional education this very question. Why do we try to design an education system that only works for a particular type of person? Our system assumes that everyone learns in the same manner, but people are not made the same. For generations, we tried to fit everyone into the same box and on the same assembly line.

In the past, only a couple of options existed to gain an education. It was a limited system, and not everyone could measure up to the rigid design. The system did not take into account different learning styles. The way a student learns makes all the difference in success or failure. Not offering other learning options to struggling or alternative learners, we risk missing the opportunity to help them shine and realize their potential.

Welcome to the Future of Education!education, leaning, students, school, high school, virtual, online, onsite

Fast forward twenty-something years and a whole new generation of education options blaze across the horizon for a high school student. With the power of technology creating flexibility for adults and students alike, we have the ability to grab education by the horns and mold it to fit OUR needs! How about that! Kids who are looking for something more flexible than classic methods have options open to them beyond their geographical locations.

The goal of education must be to prepare our youth to become skilled adults equipped for our ever-expanding business and industry. To propel them toward success, many new avenues to receive an education are now available. Along with schools that offer onsite campuses, students have access to virtual academies (online classes), and Hybrid Learning (a blend of onsite and online).

Advantages of Virtual Learning

  • SCHOOL ANYWHERE! Since you do not have to attend a campus, you can take your class on the go.
  • FLEXIBILITY! Online classes allow students to choose a schedule that works for them. Giving them the ability arrange their classes as it suits their needs. With this option, they can decide to take night or day classes and arrange it around work or other activities. Virtual classes can be a great alternative for many high school students.
  • NO MORE WAITING! Online students do not have to wait for the class. Once the student masters the skill, they can begin a new course without waiting for the semester to end.
  • INDIVIDUALIZED INSTRUCTION! Students receive the same individualized instruction and accountability from caring teachers as they would at an on site campus.

Best of Both Worlds! Hybrid Learningeducation, choice, school choice, high school, student, STEM

ONSITE & ONLINE! All the benefits of both. This option allows the student to attend some classes that may require a hands-on approach while maintaining the flexibility of taking some classes online as well.

A Thankful Mom

My son is planning to enter the STEM field. With the topic of school choice swirling around the media, I decided to check out our options in Arkansas. I found an innovative school in Springdale that offers many of the programs I wrote about above. Admittedly, I was expecting it to be as expensive as a private school. I was shocked to learn that it is FREE to any student in the state! WHAT!?

If you have a student in public school, and school choice excites you, make sure you check a school’s sign up deadline. The school I checked out has a May 1 date for paperwork.

As a mom with a son, I am thankful that our options for school have soared to new heights. The fact that we have OPTIONS for his education is exciting. As technology has formed our world into the age of information, I am ever thankful for the changes it has created for school choice.

education, choice, school choice, high school, student, STEM