I’m so excited to introduce my friend, Elena Hight, to you. She’s a strong woman of faith and perseverance. When I read her testimony, I just knew I had to share it on my blog page. I hope her story will encourage and inspire you today on walking in obedience to God.

A Testimony by Elena Hight

I’ve been working hard at being obedient to what God has been calling me to be, do, and how to live. This season has been extremely hard, I’ve endured so many hard moments, days, weeks, and even months over the last three months. I’ve been broken, hurt, betrayed, and even rejected in many ways by more than one person.

Each step that I have taken, God has led me through each one.

God Revelation

I’ve had some pretty awesome ladies standing by my side through this all. They’ve told me where I’d done wrong and spoke life to me when I didn’t feel as if I’ve had life within me. They continue to encourage me and lift me up in prayers. While going through each process of this past three months, God spoke to me. He told me each disappointment, each hurt, the betrayal, the rejection, and everything else was part of his plan. I really wanted to take the time to share with you all the awesome things that God has been revealing to me.

1. Trust God

That I truly need to trust him and his timing on when and how I start what he has called me to do. He has called me to work with human trafficked victims. To be their voice and open a safe home or work within one.

2. I am His Temple

God told me to love myself and his temple. He showed me that I would need to be more in shape and to show the girls that He (Jesus) can heal their body too. So I started working out and being very dedicated to my diet.

As of this week, I have lost a total of 32 pounds in the last 2 1/2 months. I feel much better, but I have so much more to go. I am trusting God to help me get there. Obedience is my responsibility, and the outcome is God’s. As Pastor Harry said this morning, “delayed obedience is instant disobedience.”

3. When Hurt by Trusted People

I’m not going to break this one down and name names because that would just not be honoring to God and it would take my heart out of a place of forgiveness. But God revealed something to me though it. He showed me that each one of the girls has experienced hurt and betrayal by someone they trusted.

4. Rejected

That they have all been rejected and thrown out without their belongings and to feel completely alone.

5. Broken

They are broken in spirit and must die to self to serve their owner or pimp.

When God Shows Up

God has truly allowed me to go through each of these things only to let me see him through it all. Right in the darkest of darks, heaviest of heavy, God was there carrying me through it. He’s given me peace when I had no reason to have any. Love when I didn’t feel loved. People who would stand by my side when I felt the worse rejection or hurt that I’ve ever felt in my life.

He came in and filled the deepest darkest part of my pain with love. He put the right people just where I needed them to be to speak His truth over me. They were there to wrap their arms around me and keep me focused on him and his calling upon my life, what others may see you as isn’t always as it appears to be.

Walking in Obedience to God

Walking in obedience to God sometimes is the hardest thing that you can do. To grow into that calling, He sometimes may allow things to happen. Not to keep you from his calling but to equip you into your calling.

God revealed to me that I needed to learn how to relate to the girls that I will be helping in more than one way. So each of these things could have very easily wiped me out, but I have kept my eyes upon him, and I’ve had ladies and friends that have continued to speak what God has revealed to them through this process.

I’m so thankful for God’s promises. His plans are never to harm us but to prosper us. Sometimes we just have to allow the pain. We have to walk in His obedience and remain grounded in Him. Thank you, God, for allowing me to grow in your calling that you have placed upon my life. Thank you for each person that you have put in my life that speaks your truth over me and sees me through your eyes.

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Thank you, Elena

Thank you again, Elena, for allowing me to share this word about walking in obedience to God. If you liked this article, you might find one of my past posts helpful. Thank you for reading!