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Much like the out-of-the-blue extra ‘g’ in uncaged, you can expect a wide range of posts covering personal experiences, poetry, prophetic words, and God Conversations on anything that flies across my horizon. Most of us live within the confines of conformity, or what is expected of us, but an adventure is waiting around every corner if we open the door. I intend to seize it and write about it. Live, write, and experience the world around you with eyes wide open, ears to the wind, and a spark of wild and free in your spirit; leave no stone unturned, and no word caged inside.

Open the door, release your wings, step to the edge, now JUMP! Live life out loud and uncaged! And do it often.

Uncaged [ˌənˈkājd] adj delivered, unfettered, set free, unbarred, released, loosed, untethered, emancipated, unrestricted

Childhood Trauma is NOT a Job Experience

Childhood Trauma is NOT a Job Experience

If you suffered abuse or childhood trauma, you did not have a "Job experience." It's not the heart or plan of the Father that children should suffer, or so He can use it later.  Almost, But Not Quite Job WAS NOT a CHILD when Satan asked to test Job, and the Lord let...

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“There is no cage for words. So give them wings to fly” unknown author