Goodbye Old Phone

I recently upgraded my phone to the iPhone 7 Plus. Typically, I eagerly welcome the chance to learn something new, with one exception, technology.  I hate having to figure out all the fancy new features that change practically second by second.  I am so unwilling to retire phones that it ends up moving slower than a slug.  Don’t get me wrong, I L-O-V-E technology and cannot fathom existence without many of them, one being my iPhone.  Have you ever left your phone at home by accident?  Did you feel naked without it?  Maybe even come a little unhinged?  Yep, me too.  It sends me into a whirlwind of unbridled panic; almost as much as a giant spider looming over me when driving my car with no chance of pulling over.

By the Power of Grayskull!

Learning a whole NEW mechanism sends me into freak out mode. Just when I figure out how to work the infernal device and all its state-of-the-art features (let’s be honest, that is a total farce because I never master all that it does), a cutting-edge phone will hit the market. I am left behind eating technology dust for miles and miles because I am waddling along with my walker of a phone as the world zooms past me laughing and waving at the oldie trying to catch up.
“Wait up, Sonny!”
Fear not!  You cannot keep this old girl down for long.  By the power of Grayskull,  I WILL harness the technology power.  Well, i will with help from the tech gurus, and a friendly AT&T representative willing to transfer your data and set the phone.

I have the Power!phone, uncagged, bird, power, iphone, plus, 7

Feeling like He-man as he harnesses the power of Grayskull, I decided to take full advantage of the technology train and publish my scribbles. A new phone, check!  A website for writing…well, that is a horse of a whole different color.  Oh, what a sight it was trying to figure out how to use Divi builder just to put my website up!
“What the heck is a module?”
Confession: my good friend and the web host/designer extraordinaire, Paula Finch, drove that vehicle while I sat in the passenger seat marveling at all she knew how to do. She may be one of the few of us who have managed to bridge the divide and stay on top of moving technology with ease and poise.  She is a talented web designer and gives all her clients that personal touch.  I am eternally thankful for Round Mountain Design.  She is so lit! (translation: new slang for “pretty freaking amazing,” at least until this blog debut then it will be outdated already).
“Life moves pretty fast If you do not stop and look around once in awhile you might miss something.” (Ferris Bueller).

phone, train, life, moves, fast, iphone, 7, plus

And Now you Know And Knowing Is Half The Battle!

Being an 80’s kid, (dang you are old!)  it astounds me how so much has changed. When I was in Jr. High (9th I think), my parents bought our first Apple computer.  It was the size of a refrigerator! Not really, but seriously, it was huge!  Do not even get me ranting about the dot matrix printer and MS dos just to launch that thing.

By now some of the older generation is saying, “So what? You have no real inkling how much it has changed.  My generation is strolling down memory lane; reminiscing about yesteryear.  The younger generations are wondering “What the crap is a dot matrix printer and MS dos?”  Speaking of the younger generation, not long ago some kids, around age 10-12, were talking about some new boy band that was popular, and I was like, “Oh!  You mean like New Kids on the Block” and they were all, “isn’t that in a song?” I got canceled (rejected)! Talk about feeling old.

Back then I thought I was living high on the hog with my swanky Apple computer!  Now we carry computers in our pocket, like my iPhone 7 Plus!   “Thanks for the history lesson, but what’s this got to do with anything?”

Hold your horses!  I am almost there!phone, horses, hold, iPhone, 7, Plus

Writing has evolved.  Technology has catapulted the ability to scribble your words across the World Wide Web, making it easier than ever to showcase your work.  Publishing in print was the only method to get your work out there through books, articles, newspapers, magazines; you get the idea.  Once, I had a couple of poems published in the local newspaper and one year of the Poets’ Arkansas Roundtable of Arkansas.  Last year, while in my local library and perusing through the shelves, I discovered my published poem in the 1995 edition.  Finding it in the library was exciting.  Perhaps someone happened upon it and read it; perhaps not.  Good thing I was not banking on that to propel me into stardom because I would be a corpse!

Now people claim “blogger” as a profession! What? That is a thing?  I found myself asking this question a few years back while watching my guilty pleasure, The Bachelor or Bachelor in Paradise (my real obsession). Some guy or girl will step out of the limo, and the screen flashes at the bottom with their name and profession.  A few times it listed, “Blogger” as their job. I admit. I laughed.  “That is a paid gig?”

phone, corpse, unvagged, bird, iphone, plus, 7Even though we older folks have so much to learn, and we will have to grapple with the vigorously evolving high-tech society, the question remains, what do I think about it all?  Keep it!

Now that I have my new granny-sized phone, you can call me savage!  Watch out World!  Eat MY dust!