Did you know you can create a soul tie with a spirit? When you have a soul tie with a spirit, you make it a “friend” or use it as a defense mechanism to cope with abuse or extreme stress. Here’s what I mean…

When We Make a Spirit a Friend

In Rebecca Greenwood’s book, Let Our Children Go, she describes an instance with someone who had a soul tie with a spirit of anger. The person liked their anger, embraced it, and credited it with making them who they were: strong and in control. It gave them confidence, and they felt protected by it. Rebecca describes how she broke the soul tie with anger before she could cast it out.

I can relate to this story. Many years ago, I had a soul tie with two spirits: independence and pride. I was PROUD to be independent. After all, “I’d pulled myself up by my bootstraps when life shoved me down. I’d done it myself. I don’t need anyone’s help. I’m strong enough to do it.” This kind of thinking caused me to “make the wrong kind of friends,” who I believed gave me power, strength, and confidence. I LIKED my independent spirit and my shield of pride. I embraced it and gave it credit for who I was. It was interwoven with my “identity.” It made me strong and in control, where I felt everything else around me spun wildly OUT of control.

Eventually, The Enemy Comes to Collect

Nothing the enemy gives is free. His “friendship” comes with a price. And eventually, he comes to collect.

I didn’t realize the chains that I traded for the perceived freedom and strength they saddled me with, little-by-little. The longer I “enjoyed their company” and agreed with their plans, the harder life got. It affected every aspect of my life. It became a weight that I couldn’t escape from, and I didn’t know why. The enemy has a way of deceiving you into picking up his playthings. He makes it look like it’s the solution or helpful. It’s not. Eventually, he comes to collect if we don’t break up with his spirits.

But Jesus, His gifts are free and FREEDOM for our hearts.

But Then I Gave My Heart to Jesus

Even when I first gave my heart and life to Jesus, I partnered with independence and pride. I didn’t take ALL the credit anymore and acknowledged that Jesus had helped me overcome the struggles…mostly. But, I still held onto the idea in my heart that somehow, I had anything to do with overcoming. I was “a strong woman.”

The truth is, it’s our WEAKNESS that makes us strong because of JESUS! Not Erica. Not you. and NOT A SPIRIT of Satan. (2 Corinthians 12:9-10) Now I am a God-dependent woman. I broke up with the spirits that gave me false power and picked up the One who has true power, the Holy Spirit. It began with the steps below and walking it out with the Lord daily.

And I Broke Up with My False Friends

Breaking the soul tie with a spirit is more than just renouncing and rebuking it. When you’ve embraced and given credit to a spirit for something that belongs to God, you have to sever the cord that ties you to it so you can break free and stay free. Here are four steps to help you break up with spirits you’ve come into agreement with

Steps to Breaking a Soul Tie with a Spirit

Step 1. Pray. “I break the ungodly soul tie with (name the spirit). I repent for inviting these spirits in by agreeing with them. I cancel their right to control my thoughts in the name and blood of Jesus Christ, and I command them to go to the dry uninhabited land. I put the cross and the blood of Jesus between myself and these spirits and cancel their assignment today. Amen“

Step 2. Forgive and Release yourself of judgment. “I chose to forgive myself and release myself from all self-judgment because of my soul tie with (name the spirit). I will no longer punish myself with unforgiveness because I AM FORGIVEN!”

Step 3. See yourself as Jesus does. Ask for eyes to see yourself as Jesus sees and knows you (Philippians 2:3-9). Do this daily if you need to.

Step 4 Renew your mind. Ask Holy Spirit for wisdom to renew your mind, change behaviors, patterns, and coping mechanisms that led to the agreement with that spirit. Seek the Lord for understanding His will for you and your life (Isaiah 50:4). DO this as often as you need to change how you “walk.”

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