House Uncaged Bird’s Teacup Refuge

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, then you already know my love of teacups. My mission is to rescue as many as I can if they are all alone and apart from the rest of a set. Sadly, I cannot take all home that I find, but I do try not to leave a teacup behind.

This morning I thought it would be fun to begin telling a tale of a teacup. Many of my ladies have long journeys on their way to House Uncaged Bird. And some have not been traveling as long. But no matter their past, I will love and cherish the teacup ladies they are at House Uncaged Bird.

Love the Mystery

Everyone knows how much I love my little teacups. I decided it was time to start telling their tales (as much as I can, anyway). What most of us consider junk or just too old and outdated have some great stories to tell. Some, even come with life lessons. Little Gypsy here is a special girl who reminds us all that we deserve love no matter where we come from. Even if that background is a mystery.

A Gypsy Who Finds a Home

My Gypsy girl and I are enjoying a Saturday morning. I call her a Gypsy because she doesn’t have a stamp. Her teacup origin is a mystery. I rescued her while picking up the Mademoiselles and the English Lady at a local antique store. See them here.

The owner of the store, Carmen, said she was a part of a set. Somehow, Gypsy’s owner left her behind a couple of years ago after taking the rest of the family back home when they did not sell. Carmen repeatedly tried to reunite Gypsy with her family. But, the lady showed no interest in coming back for her. 

All alone, not even a saucer to keep her company, she randomly sat on a shelf as person after person walked by her. Carmen stashed her away in case the owner returned, lost with various other items that were once cherished in their yesteryears. 

That’s the thing with time. People move on. They replace items as the styles change. Then, what was once popular and desired becomes dusty “junk” on a shelf in flea markets and antique stores…if they are lucky!

Anyway, back to Gypsy.

Carmen felt sorry for the teacup who was all alone. I had been in several times to pay a little bit on my teacup ladies with a pedigree (I had not seen Gypsy because she was hidden). Carmen and I talked many times about my love for teacups and desire to rescue them.

Gypsy’s previous owner still showed no interest in returning to collect her. It had been over two years. So, Carmen decided to present Gypsy to me so that she would not miss another chance. The store owner pulled her from the shelf and sat her with my other ladies until I returned to take them home. 

When I finally had all the money to pick up my girls, I went back to the store. She presented me with Gypsy and even found her a mix-matched saucer that seemed to fit her just right. She was beautiful. I loved her instantly and agreed to take her as well!

Gypsy Finds a Home

Carmen was so thrilled that I wanted her. Gypsy would finally have a home again. She gave her to me at no cost because Carmen just wanted her to be loved again. I only paid a minimal fee for her saucer. So that day, instead of rescuing three lovely ladies, I left with four. 

Gypsy is such a classy lady. I don’t know why anyone would have passed her up. She’s hand painted with a stunning yellow tint, pink rose, and gold trim. Alas, we may never know her origin, but she will always have a home with me. 

See, we all have a tale to tell. Some of us have a rich history of family unity. Others have felt abandoned and thrown away like my little Gypsy. doomed to wander the earth alone and unloved because we are broken, or lacking. Some of us feel rejected as person after person passes by without a second glance. You tell yourself that you are ugly and unwanted. A gypsy in life with no beginning or home. BUT, or origin is never a true mystery. And we are never abandoned. God is the father to the fatherless and binds up the broken-hearted.

Our origin is never a mystery, not really. And we are never abandoned. God is the father to the fatherless and binds up the broken-hearted. He sees your beauty. Afterall, He hand-painted you. If you are like my little Gypsy here and are laying in wait for someone to claim you, come out of the shadows. God is waiting for you to bring you into His family to give you the love you deserve.

Stay tuned for more Tales of the House Uncaged Bird’s Teacup. In the meantime, check out one of my other scribblings. I write about many topics. Perhaps, if you are reading this story, you may like a funny story about me (the “junk drawer”) and my husband (the “well-oiled machine”).

If you enjoyed my little tale about Gypsy, please share it. Thanks for reading, and go junkin’!

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