Wake Up!  I wrote this poem in 2012.  At the time it was something from my heart during my mornings with Jesus.  I enjoy my time, especially before the sun rises, just sitting on my back porch.  I have written about this before. Most of the time I just listen.  At the time I wrote the poem, I was soaking in the moment and presence.  Like all art, over time we can look back at a piece of work, and it morphs into a new image.

Rummaging through my writing produced this poem, and as I read it, new revelations flow over me. It begins with, “Good morning!  The sun has not risen yet.”  God is speaking to us.  He says that the light is coming, even though we are yet still in darkness.  His joy is returning to us.  Like my cat, Annabelle, pawing at the door wanting to join me, so does our Father.

Annabelle is Latin for Beloved (graceful).  Psalm 89:1 KJV says, “I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever: with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to all generations.”  In the struggle of life, we must sing out and share with others the mercies of God.  It is in these times that others will know His faithfulness by the fruit that bears in our pruning times.

Remember, to Wake up! God is calling out to you.  He will lay a song upon your heart, and the light will burst forth to burn away the darkness.

Wake up!  I want to talk to you

Good morning, the sun has not yet risen.

Crickets playing their song, neighbor’s sprinkler are on;

birds still snuggled in their nests or trees

and Annabelle,

patting on the door because she wants to join me.

Here, is where I wait for God.

He woke me up this morning,

God that is,

with a song; very early.

My alarm hadn’t even gone off yet.

I must have been singing before I woke

it was the song, Good morning.

Love it when he wakes me up with a song in my head.

“Wake up!  I want to talk to you! It’s going to be a great morning.”

And so far it has.