Weeds in the Garden

I confess, it has been a tough week on many fronts. It’s been a week of testing that’s for sure. But, that’s ok. It’s also been a week of weeding. Weeds are our weak spots.

Choke Out Growth

Satan loves to sneak weeds into our garden of Faith. When we are growing is when He really picks up the pace at attempting to choke out our growth. When the enemy comes at us, he’s trying to see what we are made of. He wants to know what we stand upon, all the while hoping that one of his tactics will blow us off course. Or worse, derail us completely.

Satan loves to taunt us with questions like,

  • “Where is God in all of this?
  • Is God just standing by and watching me get hit with one thing after another?
  • “If He is so powerful, then why am I getting shoved back down or attacked over and over and over again?”

So, Where is God in all of this Junk?

Weeds are Weak Spots

Believe it or not, during the mess, God is revealing your weak spots (weeds). While the enemy is on the attack, Jesus is in the background trying to help you see the weeds that have popped up in your faith. He is highlighting areas of your armor that are missing or penetrable by the fiery darts.

He’s not CAUSING the enemy to attack, nor does He find pleasure in it. But, consider the trial pure joy because whenever we face trials of many kinds, our perseverance and faith are being strengthened in the testing. (James 1:2-3) And, we know that in ALL things, God works for the good of those who love him and have been called according to his purposes, even the testing times. (Romans 8:28) Nothing is ever wasted in God. He uses it all! You can either leave the weeds there, or you can pluck them out.

The Enemy Wants to Know Your Response Time

The fact that the enemy wants to know your response time seems odd. Allow me to explain. Satan wants to know if you are going to fight back right away. Or, if he has time to hit you with more junk to keep you on the ground? Ask some questions to determine the response time:

  • Where does your mind go when things pop up?
  • Do you react when someone offends you in a like manner?
  • How long doe sit take you to rebuke him and speak truth over the situation?
  • How quick are you to extend forgiveness, or do you stew on it for days?
  • When you get knocked down pretty hard, whose hand are you reaching for? Jesus? Or the flesh?

What you do and say after an attack makes all the difference in the world for how long you carry the pain and frustrations of life.

Weeds in My Garden

I mentioned at the beginning that I have had a week of testing. I have had moments of offense, hurt feelings, anger, the pain of a loved one struggling, frustration, and many more. In the past, I would generally stew on them for a while. It was never intentional. It was more instinctual. So, what is so different now?

My Response Time

My response time and method have drastically changed. I have learned that if I take JUST A MOMENT to look around the “weed,” I can see where my heart needs transformation. The offense or hurt is real, don’t get me wrong, but why did it get to me? Why did it send me into a wild fury? What lie am I believing about myself or that other person? In some of these moments, I have to repent. Other times, I have to pray a prayer of forgiveness.

In the case of today, I had to say my forgiveness prayer multiple times before my heart let the anger go! Then, I had to ask God where my weed was in the situation.

What Was My Weed?

In this situation, my “weed” was that I charged ahead of God. I forgot to pray and ask Him what He thought I should do or say. Instead, I took charge. God wants to be first in all of our decisions.

I prayed my prayer of forgiveness for the person who offended me. Then I turned it on myself and repented for my actions, asked for forgiveness, and thanked the Lord for His grace and mercy.

My Forgiveness Prayer

If you need a little prayer you can memorize to forgive people, feel free to use the one I learned from a Freedom Ministry.

“As an act of my will, I chose to forgive and release (insert name) for (insert ALL offenses). Thank you, Jesus, for setting me free from the bondage of bitterness.

I would love to know if this blog post helped you. Please leave a comment and let me know. Also, if you liked this post, perhaps you would like one of my other blog postings.

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