The Tongue Has the Power of Life and Death

Words matter has been a theme for many years in my life. Even more so these days. God has been reminding me about this. I have been through a season where I misplaced this truth and allowed the enemy to operate through my words.

And hurt more than sticks and stones.

We all know that old saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” It began as an old English children’s rhyme in the 1830’s to persuade the victims of name-calling to ignore the taunts from other children. The intent was to teach them to remain calm and not take the words to heart. The problem is that is a lie. Words DO hurt people even more than sticks or stones. They create deep wounds in the spirit. Even the ones that never land on the intended receiver’s ear do significant damage.

Our words matter.

Have you ever been frustrated with a person or situation and you complain or throw around negative words? Maybe you even make accusations or assumptions about that person’s motives or character? I know I have.

For example, I have a difficult time with certain family members decisions or actions. I have spoken at length with people I trust about it. But, I have done more than vent my frustration about the consequences of their actions. I have made accusations about motives and character as if they were FACTS. In doing this, I have come into agreement with the enemy. I have helped the enemy of our souls make a stronger case against them before God. Every time I intercede (pray) on their behalf, but I have spoken against them, I negate everything I prayed for in the courts of Heaven.

How can I make my case for their freedom when I give testimony against them as well?

They have the power to curse or bless.

The power of words is all through the Bible. In fact, God began creation with a word. Since God created us in His image and He gave us dominion over the earth, it makes sense that our words have power.

Words matter so much that we come into an agreement with the enemy, or with God and His plans. Words matter for our lives, the people in our lives, and for the world around us. What we speak puts into motion verdicts from Heaven on earth.

We can choose to agree with the enemy.

I have heard (and said myself) of how the world is dark and “just getting worse.” Who are we agreeing with when we say this? Certainly not God. Every negative word we speak about ourselves, others, society, country, and leaders build a case in favor of Satan and AGAINST us in the courts of Heaven. That is why God tells us to pray for our leaders (1 Timothy 2:1-3). When we curse them from one side of our mouth and then pray for God to guide them we are canceling out our own prayers! How do expect God to be able to work in them when we, God’s children who He gave dominion fo the earth, AGREE with the lies of the enemy?

Or, speak from the heart of God.

What we say has so much power in Heaven. As children of God, He has given us the keys to the kingdom. If we want to see change, then we are going to have to change what we speak because our words matter.

Start by asking God how HE sees that person, situation, or system. Then, stop agreeing with the enemy and speaking accusations or assumptions based off of limited knowledge or personal experience. Speak from the heart of God rather than the heart of men. THAT is how God can change the world around us.

“And I will give you keys to the kingdom of Heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in Heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in Heaven.” Matthew 16:19

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